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The Music Trust was founded in October 2013. Its mission is stated in the banner. Key information can be found under ABOUT on the menu bar.

Check out the menu bar. MUSIC IN AUSTRALIA is a deep information source. EDUCATION is primarily about advocacy for school music and includes important research about its benefits. FREEDMAN is for the prestigious Freedman Music Fellowships. PROJECTS is a changing list of special activities. LOUDMOUTH takes you to the current edition of the Trust's monthly ezine.

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What The Music Trust is doing

The Music Trust has assembled an Editorial Board to plan the strategies and operations of the Music in Australia Knowledge Base. A new structure for the information has been designed and shortly, technical work to achieve easier navigation will be completed.

In a new project, some 30 SWOT analyses of various sectors of the Australian musical world have been commissioned. These very interesting assessments can be a basis for new insights and developments to invent new opportunities and combat weaknesses and threats.

New SWOTS cover the contemporary music industry, classical music, the Australian musical, opera, school music education, professional and youth orchestras, music libraries, community music development, amateur chamber music activity, music publishing, local government and music, and studio music teaching. More will follow.

Hans Hoegh-Guldberg, our former editor, sadly passed on, had as his last project the formulation of a set of scenarios for the future of music in Australia and the world. Papers on the Knowledge Base take the reader through the process to its conclusions. Go to BROWSING > CATEGORIES > SCENARIOS FOR THE FUTURE.

New papers on the Knowledge Base are announced in the centre column of


The Advisory Council has agreed to cause nominations for Australian Honours. Not enough high level awards go to music people. TMT will not be able to announce nominations and probably it won’t publicise its part in achieving any awards. Nominations have been made twice a year beginning in 2014.

In April, this project was announced through Loudmouth. The intention is to engage famous contemporary music songwriters and performers to write and market songs that engage the public, corporations and governments in issues around climate change and, to be blunt, the survival of the species. Loudmouth will be the best place to keep up with the activities.

Freedman Music Fellowships

Rajiv Jayaweera at Freedman Jazz 2013.
Photo by Keith Saunders

The Freedman Classical Fellow for 2017 is pianist/composer Emma Grace Stephenson. Emma was selected by the judges, musicians Mike Nock, Phillip Johnston and Stu Hunter on the basis of her submitted recordings, project design for her use of the $20,000 prize and her performance in the finalists' play-off at the Freedman Jazz concert at The Studio of Sydney Opera House on October 30. Emma has just moved from Sydney to New York and will make a recording there, partnering with Australian and American vocalists for whom she has specially written songs. The other finalists were Ellen Kirkwood, who at the Sydney Opera House performed her own compositions with the Sirens (mostly female) big band, and trumpeter Nick Garbett, who performed with his co-led band The Vampires - a band that gives blood.
The Freedman Classical Fellow for 2017 is bassoonist Matthew Kneale from Melbourne. He was selected by judges Elaine Chia, CEO of City Recital Hall, Dr Stephen Mould, Senior Lecturer in Conducting and Opera Studies at Sydney Conservatorium, and Kirsten Williams, Associate Concertmaster of Sydney Symphony, at a concert hosted by ABC Classic FM on September 9.. Matthew's ambition is to be ambassador for the bassoon, commissioning new works, performing internationally and raising its profile as a solo instrument.

Thanks as always to funding from the Freedman Foundation, without which the Fellowships are not possible.

The winners’ lists since inception in 2001 read like a Who’s Who of younger jazz and classical musicians.

Freedman Music Fellowship information

Music in Australia Knowledge Base

The only knowledge base in the world that deals systematically with the music of an entire country. Facts in words and numbers about music in Australia – and discussions of key issues facing various areas of musical activity. See more.

Primary School Music Education

There is a lot of thought and research behind school music education advocacy.

ARGUMENT FOR SPECIALIST MUSIC TEACHERS. Primary school music education in many states is in crisis. Teachers are not educated to teach music and in the majority of schools in most states, there is not a classroom music program. After decades of neglect, The Music Trust believes that the only – and best – solution is the introduction into every classroom of a specialist music teacher. Read the reasoning here.
There is a new reassessment of the advocacy arguments. Look under EDUCATION > ADVOCACY ARGUMENTS.

RESEARCH SUMMARY. There is abundant research in music education showing that its benefits extend well beyond learning music skills to improvements in IQ, academic outcomes,confidence, empathy, social skills and more. Read a quick summary of these research outcomes here.

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Satire: choosing the Arts Minister / Profiles: jazz bassist Brett Hirst, composer Ella Macens, festival curator–cellist Danielle Bentley / Greg Sandow: classical music’s future / Netherlands & artists’ poverty / Appalachian place-making / Cheetham’s Indigenous War Requiem… MORE


Video tour new Melbourne Conservatorium / Gondwana’s special Miller-Heidke song / Arts raise self-esteem / What must a university music school offer? / Arts essential in Welsh schools / New education channel in NSW / Big issues for teachers. … MORE


School Funding: Public vs Private; Music Education Strategy 2019-2029, South Australia; Labor National Policy Platform for the Arts, 2019; Arts Election Policy of NSW State Labor Party, 2019

In the June LOUDMOUTH. Click on


Music and Book Reviews

THE BEST MUSIC REVIEWS page in Australia. Written by musicians:



Ngarra-Burria: New music and the search for an Australian sound. Christopher Sainsbury. Indigenous.


Bill Frisell Trio concert


CLASSICAL. Gerald English: What if a Day or a Month or a Year. Songs and instrumental works by John Dowland and contemporaries  /  Jayson Gillham: Romantic Bach. From Intimate to Epic. / Tristan Lee, piano: Liszt’s Italian Pilgrimage


EXPERIMENTAL. Peter Hollo, cello/electronic: Raven. The night is dark, the night is silent, the night is bright, the night is loud.

JAZZ / Andrea Keller: The Komeda Project / Tim Stevens double trio: with whom you can be who you are /  Phillip Johnston: The Adventures of Prince Achmed

NEW MUSIC. 2 CDs women composers: Women of Note: A Century of Australian Composers / Gian Slater, Lifschitz, Knighton: Life Cycle – songs about impending motherhood.

NEW OPERA David Stanhope, Lorina Gore, Jud Arthur, more.  Dracula. Opera. Also Three Poems by Gwen Harwood, and String Songs, orchestral folksong suite. All by David Stanhope

WORLD. Sam Evans, 10 others: The Tabla Project

Latest Music & Book Reviews

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