The Music Trust

The Music Trust, to borrow one of its stated objectives, has been set up to offer a flexible, creative, energetic response to the situation of music in Australia, with commitment to the best ideas for fostering excellence, innovation, and access. Founded in October 2013, it already has a substantial program including information, research, advocacy and project management.

It is developing the Music in Australia Knowledge Base as a unique source of information about the Australian music sector. It is managing the Freedman Music Fellowships, among the most prestigious in the country. It is organising a campaign for school music education. Its very distinguished Advisory Council is proposing other activities to address needs and opportunities in Australian music and musical life.

Some of The Music Trust activities originated in the Music Council of Australia and by mutual agreement, have been transferred. The Trust appreciates this collaboration.
Following here is a more formal statement of the mission, structure and activities of The Music Trust.


Through informed action and advocacy, The Music Trust advances music and musical life in Australia


The Music Trust will achieve its mission through

  1. A flexible, creative, energetic response to the situation of music in Australia, with commitment to the best ideas for fostering excellence, innovation, and access
  2. Provision of information through the Music in Australia Knowledge Base and other means as may be suitable, in order to support and empower action by others and itself
  3. Specific projects and programs including strategic research, policy formation, advocacy, artist support or other actions.

Legal Status

The Music Trust is a program of the Australian Arts Trust, a non-profit charitable trust listed for taxation purposes on the Register of Cultural Organisations.

The Advisory Council

The members are distinguished Australians who are passionate about music and its contribution to lives and culture. Their role is

  • to assist with information and advice
  • to offer guidance on the selection, design and execution of projects and programs, especially those that fall within their respective areas of expertise or influence
  • to use their good offices to encourage support from or cooperation by individuals and organisations who are able to assist in the achievement of the Trust’s objectives.

Advisory Council members have no legal or financial responsibilities to the Music Trust.

Normally, the Trust cannot pay the costs of Advisory Council members’ participation. However, it is expected that these will be minimal.

The Council will meet for one full day each year.

Execution of the Program

Taskforces or working groups may be established to undertake specific projects. They will be advised by the Advisory Council and administered by the Australian Arts Trust.


The Music Trust is administered by the Australian Arts Trust, which accepts financial responsibility for its activities. The Freedman Music Fellowships are supported by the Freedman Foundation. Future projects may depend upon earned income or funding by grants or donations.

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