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If you are searching for information about how the musical world in Australia works, the Music in Australia Knowledge Base is your best source.

This is the only website in the world that attempts to give a comprehensive view of the music sector in its own country.

Its articles give the facts and describe issues of interest or concern.

Factual articles are:

  • Mapping articles: e.g. what does the world of orchestras comprise, or music teaching or music broadcasting?
  • Statistics: how much is the Australian music sector worth, or how many does it employ, or what is the value of our international trade?

Issues articles look at the growing edges, or policies current or proposed, or the conflicts of opinion about how things are or should be.

  • They include SWOT analyses: for a number of sectors, there are assessments of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – partly factual, partly opinion
  • They include examination of such things as issues in school music education, arts funding, the arts in public life.

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