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List of Projects  

Music Trust Submission to the National Opera Review

Please note that this is a draft submission written after the Review published its Discussion Paper and invited submissions. The draft below was written before the appearance of the very detailed Discussion Paper.

Senate Inquiry into the impact of the 2014 and 2015 Commonwealth Budget decisions on the Arts

National Opera Review: draft submission from The Music Trust

ABC Classic FM as a dynamic force in art music

Following upon funding cuts to the ABC in 2014, radio station ABC Classic FM dismissed about a quarter of its staff, the majority in production positions, halved its live broadcast/recording program, terminated its Sunday Live weekly concert series, its jazz programs and its New Music Up Late program of new music. The Music Trust is proposing that Classic FM has a rethink, continuing the present FM programs for the FM audience, but taking a totally new approach to its digital extensions (website, digital radio Classic 2, other platforms for other forms of delivery), with the objectives of drawing in the audience under 30 years and pushing the art music repertoire forward.


Australian Honours

The Music Trust will cause the nomination of music people with distinguished careers who, in addition to their professional achievements have made altruistic contributions to the art form or the community.

Research to estimate the “GDP” of the Australian music sector

The work will be done by cultural economist Hans Hoegh-Guldberg and published on the Knowledge Base. It will be ground-breaking work, finding ways to go beyond the ordinary objectives of financially valuing the music sector to include other sorts of value. Hans is seeking observations by music professionals on likely and preferred futures for music. If you would like to participate, please contact him at

Award for research in music education

Inception of annual award for best research into the benefits of music education. The purpose is to strengthen an area of weakness in Australian research and to encourage local research that can support advocacy for school music education. This award will be offered in collaboration with the Australian and New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education (ANZARME). It has now been launched with a deadline of July 31 and information is available on this site under PROJECTS > RESEARCH AWARD.

Research to propose criteria for qualification as a primary schools specialist music teacher

The criteria will be proposed to Ministers for Education and universities as an aspect of TMT’s advocacy for the introduction of specialist music teachers into all primary school classrooms. A working group is led by Assoc Prof Robin Stevens.

Culture and international trade agreements

The Music Trust monitors the negotiation of Australia’s trade agreements. The principle is that the government’s prerogatives to support Australian culture should not be constrained by the trade ambitions of other countries. The Music Trust’s main observer is Lynn Gailey, a member of TMT Advisory Council.

National Opera Review

The Music Trust is preparing a submission to the review (February 2015). It will be found under the PROJECTS tab. At the time of writing, it is covering a number of important issues including the nurture of the singers, the creation of a contemporary Australian opera repertoire and much more.

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