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Foundations. Modern Works in the Classical Tradition. Includes Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis by Australian composer Andrew Schultz, others by Sergio Cervetti, David Nisbet Stewart, Joanne D Carey, Daniel Perttu and Jonathan Sacks

Kühn Mixed Choir of Prague, conducted by Marek Vorlicek; Libor Dudas, organ; Thomas Pinch, organist, with Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Peter Vronsky
Classical, New Music
Navona Records NV5939
Reviewed by , February 1st, 2016

Navona record company, based in North Hampton USA, has put together a collection of choral and instrumental pieces. Eight of the eleven are linked by a common thread of religious texts or themes. All purport to build new structures on old foundations. Of the composers, only Andrew Schultz is Australian. His works were recorded in… continue reading »

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