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Matthew Sheens. Untranslatable

Matthew Sheens, piano, with Sara Serpa, vocals, Michael Mayo, vocals, Mike Moreno, guitar, Linda Oh, bass, Kenneth Salters, drums, Rodregio Boccato, percussion, Stefani Collins, violin 1, Francesca Dardani, violin 2, Yumi Oshima, viola, Hiro Matsuo, cello, Yanni Burton, double bass
ABC Music
Reviewed by , May 1st, 2015

Compositions that employ straight (not swung) quavers, complex meters and complex harmonic sequences have been heard in jazz for decades and are very much in vogue today. This is not surprising given that many young jazz musicians are heavily influenced by ‘popular’ music (straight quavers), and are conservatoire trained and as such, often drawn to… continue reading »

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