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Connect Four

Duets: Paul Williamson, trumpet with each of', Paul Grabowsky, Tony Gould, Andrea Keller, Marc Hannaford, pianists
Jazzhead HEAD190
Reviewed by , June 1st, 2014

Over several centuries, the trumpet has developed a reputation as one of the most “macho” instruments in the orchestra. If brashness and aggression are called for, the trumpet is never too far from the frontline. In certain jazz circles, a trumpeter’s ability to play high and fast is considered exciting and impressive. For these kinds… continue reading »

Jamie Oehlers. The Burden Of Memory

Jamie Oehlers, tenor saxophone; Paul Grabowsky, piano; Reuben Rogers, bass; Eric Harland, drums
Assemblers R002
Reviewed by , October 1st, 2015

A perceived disjunction between the serious and sometimes even portentous titles of these brilliantly executed pieces and the often gentle feeling of the music held me at bay for a while. The title track must be excepted. This became airborne almost immediately. Racing passages, in which the bass flew lightly, intricately, at speed, on the… continue reading »


Vince Jones and Paul Grabowsky
ABC Jazz 475 3486
Reviewed by , November 1st, 2015

For some, the passage of time leads to the solace of entrenchment. But for others an accumulated wisdom entices them to succumb to the persistent eddy of creation. Vince Jones describes it so beautifully, ‘A person who doesn’t create is like a cloud that never rains.’ There is much precipitation on this album. So light… continue reading »

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