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First Intersection

Daryl Pratt Band. Daryl Pratt (vibraphone), Matt McMahon (piano & Fender Rhodes), Richard Maegraith (alto & tenor saxophone), Philip South (acoustic/electric percussion, marimba, sound design & malletKat), Emile Nelson (4 & 5-string electric basses), Jared Underwood (drums)
Reviewed by , April 1st, 2015

From the first note to the last, this album establishes unequivocally that the Sydney-based Daryl Pratt Band is a stimulating collective of virtuosi. Indeed, it is a wise choice of players, as Pratt’s elaborate compositions demand a high degree of sensitivity, awareness and stamina balanced in wide variety and contrast throughout the album. Individually, each… continue reading »

Mutiny Music

Reviewed by , October 1st, 2015

Mutiny Music is a journey across the Pacific. The album retells the linked histories of two islands, Pitcairn and Norfolk, while making a close study of musical and cultural fusion. There’s a number of ways of engaging with Mutiny Music. Of course, you can just press ‘play’ and take in the beauty of the varied… continue reading »

Permission to Evaporate

Joseph Tawadros, with Christian McBride, James Tawadros, Matt McMahon, Mike Stern
Jazz, Middle Eastern, World
ABC Music 481 0917
Reviewed by , July 1st, 2014

Joseph Tawadros is prolific and adventurous. He is Australia’s leading exponent of the oud, a North African and Middle Eastern lute. He is also a trailblazer in cross-cultural music collaboration and a two-time ARIA Award winner for Best World Music Album. Permission To Evaporate was recorded in New York in just two days in February… continue reading »

Truth Seekers, Lovers and Warriors

Joseph Tawadros, oud. With James Tawadros, req, bendir; Matt McMahon, piano; James Greening, trombone; James Crabb, accordion
Music, New Music
ABC Music 481 1632
Reviewed by , July 1st, 2015

Truth Seekers, Lovers and Warriors sees Sydney’s world-renowned oud player Joseph Tawadros assemble a slightly unusual collection of musicians from Sydney and abroad. I have seen the Tawadros brothers (James plays req and bendir) perform in Sydney with pianist Matt McMahon, but the addition of James Greening on trombone and Scottish born accordionist James Crabb… continue reading »

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