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A Little Variation: Variation Form as Used by Australian Composers

Jeanell Carrigan, piano. Works by McKay, Webb, Hannan, Polglase, Davidson, Isaacs.
Classical, New Music
Australian Music Centre VAST032.2
Reviewed by , April 1st, 2015

Jeanell Carrigan is a passionate pianist. She seems to be able to harness that passion and find works by primarily Australian composers that deserve a thorough, active listening. Without her, a lot of good music would lie mouldering in the corner and never be discovered. Carrigan’s past work, for labels such as Wirripang ( and… continue reading »

Narratives and Detours: music by Australian composers

Jeanell Carrigan, piano
Classical, New Music
Australian Music Centre VAST031.2
Reviewed by , June 1st, 2014

  This disc presents music by ten Australian composers, six of whom I had heard; but there are so many young, emerging composers that it is sometimes hard to keep track. They illustrate widely divergent compositional styles; the longest offering is that of the disc’s title (11’43”); the others range from aphoristic utterances to more extended… continue reading »

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