Inside the musician
INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Caerwen Martin: The World Within

Written by: Caerwen Martin

What if everything is music, but we’re just not listening with the right mind? … Is our perception so conditioned that we can no longer comprehend the natural rhythms of the earth? Doesn’t the raven hurt your heart, just a little bit? What does it say? What if I transcribe it for viola? Can you hear the music now? Music is not manmade. We only replicate it. But by doing so we access and participate in the natural systems of the universe.

Inside the musician
INSIDE THE MUSICIAN. Robert Davidson: Let It All Unravel

Written by: Robert Davidson

I’m fascinated by what is communicated behind the words in our daily spoken utterances […] Music seems particularly useful at intensifying these meanings, and at expressing them in an immersive way; I find it immensely beneficial to immerse myself in music so that I can express emotions without being dangerously overwhelmed by them. I think it’s actually kept me alive.

The Growing Edge
The Commonwealth’s neglect of higher education is criminal

Written by: Misha Ketchell

If your aim is to set Australia up for future success, investment in higher education is a no-brainer. Yet most universities have been excluded from JobKeeper. So far more than 17,000 jobs have been lost. Can you imagine this government being so nonchalant about losing the equivalent number of jobs in any other industry?

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