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“EasternEuropean, Tango, Balkan, Spaghetti-Western, Gypsy, Vaudeville, Theatre, Blues, Zappa meets Trad Jazz and to top it off Punk and Poetic. On the Stoop are the quirkiest group and this is the most eccentric album I’ve heard in years.”

Singer-songwriter, saxophonist, accordion player Serge Stanley leads a band that is a wild riot in every sense of the word. It’s a good thing the players in this group are such excellent and accomplished musicians because they have a lot to keep up with, delivering the music of this mercurial composer. The horn section is sometimes playing crazy lines in unison and then spreading out into a kind of insane trad jazz free-form cacophony. Dirk Kruithof injects guitar playing that adds the punk rock element and then goes right out on a limb of very strange. The rhythm section of Tim Bradley on drums and Joe Manton on bass can really groove and is capable of any of the twists and turns that Stanley’s imagination demands. When Stanley gets on the accordion there are even instrumental passages that are very reminiscent of Piazzolla.

On the Stoop

On the Stoop

Stanley is a versatile singer. Sometimes he’s more like talking and at other times singing very sweetly. His wry delivery suits the tongue in cheek material well while the others in the band get into backing vocals that are sometimes harmonious and more often like a bunch of drunks yelling at a football match or in a bawdy pub. It’s refreshing to hear Stanley sing in a very Australian accent and with such clear diction that every word in his fantasy world is crystal clear.

The songs are sometimes very silly and then can be serious, dark and satirical. With titles like Butt Naked Blues and Religion Is Funny (So Get Over It) and lyrics like :

I get my feelings from the TV

I get my opinions from the news

I get my feelings from the TV

The TV tells me what to do

It’s an elixir for an argument

It’s my placebo for a friend

I get my feelings from the TV

The TV helps me to pretend.


Some folks are inclined to close their eyes

And close their mouths for the sake of the world’s good graces

And not wake up the neighbours

But I would trade a masquerade to dance on tabletops

Rather than eggshells and defy the black night.

On The Stoop must be amazing live. I’ll bet the audience are dancing on tabletops and certainly defying the black night. The music is fast, raucous, furious, beguiling,  enjoyable and bewildering. They are fantastically bizarre!

On the Stoop


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