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200 studies: the benefits of music & music education

By Oli Braithwaite

This article records, summarises and categorises in over 200 studies, many non-musical benefits associated with music education and listening to music in general.

In compiling these studies, we identified an unexpected and interesting insight: 80% of the studies carried out on this topic have been published in the last 12 years. Given this is still a very young field of study, it’s unsurprising that the extraordinary benefits of music are not more widely known.

The article has pulled together 200 studies and categorised them by the type of benefit they show – e.g improvement of cognitive performance; improvement of attention and working memory…

Key facts: benefits of music education statistics & findings

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The effects on a US community of an outdoor concert program

It’s a study commissioned by the Levitt Foundation and several years in the making: Listening to the Music of Community Change—Findings from a Pre/Post Research Study at Levitt Pavilion Denver. Our fieldwork for the “pre” phase was conducted in 2013, before Levitt Pavilion Denver was built in a southwest Denver neighborhood park, and we returned in 2019 for the “post” phase, during the venue’s third summer season of free outdoor concerts. We spoke with local residents, park users, and other stakeholders to understand how the venue and the shared experience of outdoor music have contributed to shifting perceptions of, and connections to, that residential, largely Latinx community.

We looked at the dynamics of both equity and inequity and asked residents what role they felt the pavilion has played — or could play — in those dynamics. Our analysis explores how community identity is shaped by shared, informal arts experiences; how shifts in collective memory can influence residents’ attitudes toward the original arts investment; and how equitable practices can further a sense of belonging while fostering long-term investment in the community.

The new document is the third phase of our collaboration with Levitt; the first two phases were published in a 2016 white paper about Levitt venues in Memphis and Pasadena.

A teaching package for K-2

We are so excited to have finally launched Series One for use in the classroom. MusicNow provides music education videos for K-2 students, designed to help teachers who are teaching music but are not confident with their singing, or else just need help getting a good curriculum together. The package includes curriculum information, backing tracks and extension activities as well as the videos, and can be used with children aged 4-8 who are learning remotely. Teachers can just press play and join in!

Go to the website,  Take a quick look at the demo clip…


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