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The Mango Balloon Vol 4. (Also: Pigeon Laundry)

Artist/s: Julian Curwin (guitars/piano/melodica), Marcello Maio (accordion/piano), Sam Golding (trumpet/tuba), Mark Harris (double bass), Danny Heifetz (drums), Jess Ciampa (percussion). Special guest: Matt McMahon (Rhodes).
Category: Jazz, Latin American, Spaghetti-Western, Tango, World
Label: Romero Records, distributed by Newmarket Music ROM013
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“The Mango Balloon and the Tango Saloon projects have resulted in some excellent albums from a fascinating composer and bandleader with a group of some of Sydney’s best musicians.”

The Mango Balloon, Volume 3

Artist/s: Julian Curwin, The Mango Balloon
Category: Cuban, Mariachi, Tango, World
Label: Newmarket Music NEW3335.2 and Romero Records ROM007
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What a creative mind is that of guitarist-composer Julian Curwin. A stripped–back version of the group entitled The Tango Saloon, The Mango Balloon plays Curwin’s haunting pieces with disarming directness. The music is unpretentious, consisting of appealing melodies drifting over…