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Bar Lines & Beyond

Artist/s: Robert Burke (soprano sax/alto clarinet), Debasis Chakroborty (Indian classical slide guitar), Stephen Magnusson (electric guitar), Sam Evans (tabla/percussion)
Category: Indian, Jazz, World
Label: Jazzhead HEAD231
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“Sam Evans has brought together musicians who are not only excellent players but who work very sympathetically in taking the synthesis between Indian and Western music in exciting directions. Australian world music collaboration at its very best.”


Artist/s: The Three Seas
Category: Indian, Jazz, World
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An increasing number of Australian jazz musicians are seeking to move beyond the association with American jazz that was their inheritance, instead establishing a more distinctive local identity through collaborations with regional neighbours in the Asia-Pacific. The Australian Art Orchestra’s…


Artist/s: Sandy Evans, Bobby Singh, Brett Hurst, Toby Hall, Sarangan Sriranganathan
Category: Indian, Jazz
Label: Rufus Records (RF100)
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Kapture is a masterfully performed fusion of jazz and Indian classical musics with a sprinkling of other influences from across the globe. Sandy Evans (alto and tenor saxophone), Bobby Singh (tabla), Brett Hirst (double bass) and Toby Hall (drums and…

Rasa Duende. Improvisations

Artist/s: Rasa Duende: Bobby Singh, Adrian McNeil, Damian Wright
Category: Flamenco, Indian, World
Label: Top Shelf 3737066
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In the mid-sixties musicians from India, Pakistan and the West began exploring each other’s musical traditions, looking for common ground, playing concerts together and eventually recording together. The trailblazers were Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar. These two giants of their…

Classical Music Recording
The Tabla Project

Artist/s: Sam Evans. Sam Evans (tabla and percussion), Luke Howard (piano), Anne Norman (shakuhachi), Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Pandit Debasis Chakroborty (slide guitar), Ben Robertson (bass), Ria Soemardjo (voice), Helen Mountfort (cello), Robert Burke (clarinet), Damian Evans (guitar and bass), Reza Kashi (tar and setar).
Category: Classical, Fusion, Indian, Jazz, World
Label: Self-release. CD,Spotify, and at,
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“Sam Evans’ 2018 release The Tabla Project is a beautiful and atmospheric instrumental album that presents the pitched capabilities of the Indian tabla within a superb, uniquely Australian intercultural ensemble setting.”

Indian Music Recording
Trio. The Slide Project

Artist/s: The Slide Project. Sam Evans (tabla), Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Pandit Debasis Chakroborty (Indian slide guitar)
Category: Indian, Jazz, Music Recording, World
Label: Self-release
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“The way these three players improvise such changes in atmosphere, tempo and emotion, coming to a poignant ending together, is marvellous.”