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Classical Music Recording
Lady Sings the Viol: 700 Years of Songs for Voice & Viols

Artist/s: The Marais Project, Jennifer Eriksson director
Category: Classical, Contemporary, Early Music, New Music, Popular
Label: MOVE MCD 481
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Despite radical changes in composition processes in the last two hundred years and the introduction of electronic instruments and recording, Western orchestral instrumentation has changed relatively little. We accept it as normal to play musics from a very broad range…

Arrangements Music Recording
The Gershwin Collection

Artist/s: Simon Tedeschi, with James Morrison, Sarah McKenzie, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Benjamin Northey
Category: Arrangements, Classical, Film Music, Musical Theatre, Popular
Label: 2 CDs - ABC Classics 481 1872
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Gershwin Take Three? Two previously released CDs of the music of George Gershwin – the top-selling Gershwin and Me (2012) and Gershwin Take Two (2013) are here combined in a double album featuring pianist Simon Tedeschi, who not only seems…