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Fusion Music Recording
Betrayal of a Sunflower. Joseph Tawadros

Artist/s: Joseph Tawadros (oud), Damian De-Boos Smith (guitar), Veronique Serret (violin and 6-string violin), James Tawadros (riqq and bendir), Luke Howard (piano), James Greening (trombone)
Category: Fusion, Middle Eastern, World
Label: The Planet/MGM JT2020
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“Betrayal of a Sacred Sunflower is a rare experience reserved for only the most sublime music of the spirit.”

Electroacoustic Music Recording
Maya. / Freyja Garbett Septet

Artist/s: Freyja Garbett Septet. Freyja Garbett (piano/synths/organ/Rhodes), Felix Lelanne (guitar), Simon Ferenci (trumpet), Nish Manjunath (tenor saxophone), Michael Avgenicos (tenor saxophone),  Jacques Emery (electric and double bass), Alexander Inman-Islop (drums), Jesse Ciampa (percussion), Esme Badman and Ltl Gzeus (vocals)
Category: Electroacoustic, Fusion, Jazz
Label: Art as Catharsis
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“On ‘Maya’, we hear Freyja’s diverse influences and musical interests come together through bold and exciting compositions performed by a seven-piece ensemble of outstanding young musicians.”

Electronic Music Music Recording
Observations EP

Artist/s: Virtual Proximity
Category: Electronic Music, Fusion
Label: esc.rec. or
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Weaving layers of beats with processed field recordings and lustrous strands of loops, Observations EP – by Melbourne’s Virtual Proximity – is a shimmering sonic fabric. I wish this was a full-length album as the listening experience through the six…

Folk Music Recording
On Love and Science. CD and illustrated hardback book

Artist/s: Zulya and the Children of the Underground. Musicians: Zulya Kamalova, vocals, writer, composer, leader; Lucas Michailidis, guitars; Aviva Endean, clarinets, tenor sax; Anthony Schulz, piano accordion, piano; Justin Marshall, drums, percussion; Andrew Tanner, double bass, jew’s harp. Accompanies illustrated book, hard back by Zulya Kamalova, illustrations by Dilka Bear
Category: Folk, Fusion, Jazz, World
Label: Self- release, self-published, limited edition. Purchase from website
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This multimedia release is Zulya’s finest and most ambitious work to date. It demands attention and accolades. Zulya Kamalova, the Tatar/Australian world music trailblazer never ceases to surprise. Her previous release was a sci-fi computer music extravaganza. This one, back…

Fusion Music Recording
Safe Haven

Artist/s: Masha’s Legacy. Stuart Vandegraaff (MD/composer/arranger/saxophones, clarinet, Arabic nay), Christopher Soulos (electric bass), Elsen Price (contrabass), Mahammd Lelo (q’noon), Adem Yilmaz (daf/darabukka/cajon/congas/percussion), Nick Southcott (piano, keyboards), Adnaan Baraké (oud), James Tawadros (req’, bendir, cajon), Miriam Waks (vocal), Ghada Daher-Elmowy (vocal).
Category: Fusion, Jazz, Middle Eastern, World
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“Masha’s Legacy, a Sydney based multicultural music ensemble has created one of the best cross-cultural albums I’ve heard in a long time.”

Fusion Music Recording
Six Days Loving

Artist/s: Zulya Kamalova (vocals/piano/Myanmar harp), Michiel Hollanders (claudeviol/banjo bass/bicycle tyre bass/acoustic and electric guitars/musical saw/piano/percussion/drum samples/synthesizer), Andrew Tanner (jews harp/guitar/double bass), Barb Dwyer (hurdy-gurdy), Gennady Lavrentiev (violin)
Category: Fusion, Tatar, World
Label: Artist release. Purchase via website   Bandcamp:     CD Baby:
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“I say this about pretty well every new release by Zulya: this is my favourite of her albums yet. I cannot recommend this album highly enough.”

Art Songs
Snow in Summer

Artist/s: Evergreen Ensemble. Shane Lestideau (director/baroque violin/backing vocals), Claire Patti (vocals/celtic harp), Samantha Cohen (theorbo/baroque guitar), Jenny Eriksson (viola da gamba)
Category: Art Songs, Classical, Folk, Fusion
Label: Move Records MCD 584
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“This fine Victorian-based ensemble led by Australian master fiddler and baroque violinist, Shane Lestideau, present arrangements of beautiful ancient Scottish and Swedish folksongs, interspersed with 18th century baroque string sonatas, and a new composition by Alice Chance.”

Classical Music Recording
Takemitsu. Music for Orchestra

Artist/s: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hiroyuki Iwaki
Category: Classical, Fusion, New Music
Label: ABC Classics 481 4975  A budget re-issue of a 1993 recording in the 1000 Years of Classical Music series
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“An important survey of orchestral works by a multifaceted and culturally explorative composer. Fine performances by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.”

Classical Music Recording
The Tabla Project

Artist/s: Sam Evans. Sam Evans (tabla and percussion), Luke Howard (piano), Anne Norman (shakuhachi), Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Pandit Debasis Chakroborty (slide guitar), Ben Robertson (bass), Ria Soemardjo (voice), Helen Mountfort (cello), Robert Burke (clarinet), Damian Evans (guitar and bass), Reza Kashi (tar and setar).
Category: Classical, Fusion, Indian, Jazz, World
Label: Self-release. CD,Spotify, and at,
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“Sam Evans’ 2018 release The Tabla Project is a beautiful and atmospheric instrumental album that presents the pitched capabilities of the Indian tabla within a superb, uniquely Australian intercultural ensemble setting.”

Fusion Music Recording
World Music. Joseph and James Tawadros

Artist/s: Joseph and James Tawadros
Category: Fusion, Middle Eastern, World
Label: Self-release, distributed by MGM
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“When I saw on the CD cover that Joseph Tawadros is listed as playing 52 instruments on this album my initial thought was ‘he’s gone too far this time’ coupled with ‘hubris!’ and ‘self-delusion!’. But then I listened…” ……… Australia’s…