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Electronic Music Music Recording
Ben Gurton – Prelude to a Scene

Artist/s: Ben Gurton (trombone), Julian Gough (tenor saxophone), Brendan St Ledger (piano), Brendan Clarke (bass), Hamish Stuart (drums)
Category: Electronic Music, Jazz
Label: MIR Creation MIR0001
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“The title of this CD provides a strong clue to the music played on it. Although not a ‘sound-track’, most of the compositions have associations with visual or dramatic images.”

Classical Music Recording

Artist/s: Claire Edwardes (percussion), with Jason Noble (clarinet). Works by Vincent Ho, Melody Eötvös, Damien Ricketson, Marcus Whale/Tom Smith and Steve Reich.
Category: Classical, Electronic Music, New Music
Label: Move Records MD 3416 (2017)
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“Clariaudient is a fascinating collection of recent works for solo percussion and fixed- media electronic music, superbly interpreted by Claire Edwards.”

Contemporary Music Recording

Artist/s: Darren Harts (Harts), composer, performer
Category: Contemporary, Disco, Electronic Music, Funk, Soul
Label: Offtime Music 3967772
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One of the pearls of wisdom offered by awesome guitarist, Bob Spencer, of Angels and Skyhooks fame, was that it isn’t the number of notes you play, but where you place them. Daydreamer is the first album I’ve listened to…

Contemporary Music Recording

Artist/s: Andrée Greenwell (composer/voice/ukelele), with Julia County (soprano), Ewan Foster, Stephanie Zarka, Heather Lloyd (violins), Luke Spicer & Monique Irik (viola), Geoffrey Gartner (cello), David Trumpmanis (bass guitar/guitar/bass drum/electronics)
Category: Contemporary, Eclectic, Electronic Music, New Music
Label: Self-release
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“Andrée Greenwell’s concept CD, Gothic, demonstrates her musical and theatrical versatility across a range of genres and is unified by her selection of gothic poems.”

Electronic Music Music Recording
History Goes Everywhere

Artist/s: The Australysis Electroband. Roger Dean, leader, piano, computer; Sandy Evans, saxophones; Greg White, computer; with Hazel Smith, text, performer, the Blue Bus
Category: Electronic Music, Improvisation, Jazz
Label: Tall Poppies TP234
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“Modernist Manchester project pursued way Down Under.” This is modernist music and then some, related in places to jazz and in others to Schoenberg et al, and post-serial music. I love it. Not everyone will but that’s okay by me,…

Electronic Music Music Recording
Multi-Piano 1978-2012

Artist/s: Roger Dean
Category: Electronic Music, Improvisation, New Music
Label: Tall Poppies Records TP225 (2 discs) 2012
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This retrospective of Roger Dean’s work as an improvising pianist covers samples of work created from 1978 to 2012 from a variety of sources including recording sessions, live performances, live performances using pre-recorded material and studio-based editing/remixing exercises. Dean employs…

Electronic Music Music Recording
Network of Lines

Artist/s: Tilman Robinson
Category: Electronic Music, Jazz, New Music, Rock
Label: Listen/Hear Collective
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Network of Lines is a suite in ten parts, nine of them written and arranged by composer/trombone player Tilman Robinson. The tenth is an arrangement by Robinson of a piece by songwriter Sean O’Neill. There are no distinct beginnings or…

Electronic Music Music Recording
Observations EP

Artist/s: Virtual Proximity
Category: Electronic Music, Fusion
Label: esc.rec. or
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Weaving layers of beats with processed field recordings and lustrous strands of loops, Observations EP – by Melbourne’s Virtual Proximity – is a shimmering sonic fabric. I wish this was a full-length album as the listening experience through the six…

Classical Music Recording
Open Polar Sea. Works by Col Fuhler, Salvatore Sciarrino, Morton Feldman, Damien Barbeler, Daniel Blinkhorn and Anna McMichael

Artist/s: Anna McMichael, solo violin, with Col Fuhler on one track
Category: Classical, Electronic Music, Experimental Music, Improvisation, New Music
Label: unsounds 46u (digital download)
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Not so long ago, the fashion was for completeness in CD recordings: the complete works of Morton Fledman for violin and piano, for example. In the past several years, however, we have seen a growth in the popularity of the…

Classical Music Recording
Pleasure Garden. Music by Jacob van Eyck, Genevieve Lacey and Jan Bang

Artist/s: Genevieve Lacey, recorders; Jan Bang, electronics
Category: Classical, Early Music, Electronic Music, New Music
Label: ABC Classics ABC 481 2370
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A stroll through this sensual garden of aural delights offers much pleasure, as the title promises. To combine music from the seventeenth century with twenty-first century electronics might seem somewhat incongruous, but it actually works well in the hands of…

Contemporary Music Recording
Science Fiction

Artist/s: The Belligerents. Lewis Stephenson (lead vocals/guitar), Konstantin Kersting (bass/vocals), James Griffin (lead guitar), Andrew Balzat (synth/vocals), Samuel Sargent (drums)
Category: Contemporary, Electronic Music, Pop, Rock
Label: Sony Music 889854607623
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“Brisbane-based band, The Belligerents, have released their first album and it’s a doozy.”

Electronic Music Music Recording
Starship Z Kosmostan

Artist/s: Zulya Kamalova
Category: Electronic Music, Russian, World
Label: Yammy Music YMCD 2015-001, available on iTunes and Bandcamp
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OK… take a look at the genre classification (electronic Tatar music with sci-fi themes) and tell me this album doesn’t intrigue you. The Republic of Tatarstan is a region of Russia about 800 kilometres east of Moscow. It lies between…

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