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Children's songs Music Recording
The Birch Tree. Music based on Folktunes.

Artist/s: Throroughbass: Diana Weston (harpsichord), and Anna Fraser (soprano), Shaun Ng (viola da gamba), Joanne Arnott (recorder), Angus Ryan (cello)
Category: Children's songs, Classical, Folk, New Music
Label: Wirripang Wirr 068
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“The most unusual aspect of this CD is the rare sound of Béla Bartók’s piano music played on a harpsichord, sometimes with cello, and surrounded by contemporary Australian compositions.”

Ballet music
The Little Green Road to Fairyland.  Katie Noonan, Camerata

Artist/s: Katie Noonan (voice), quintet from Camerata: Brendan Joyce (violin), Raquel Bastos (viola), Nathan Smith (cello), Jodie Rottle (flute), Lochlin Dormer (percussion)
Category: Ballet music, Children's songs, Classical, New Music
Label: ABC 481 7931, CD, 2020
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“Kats-Chernin’s musical score has a wonderful sense of lightness, with an intoxicating discourse of tension and release as it pertains to the various stages of the story.”

Children's songs Music Recording
The Wiggles Duets

Artist/s: The Wiggles: Anthony Field - Lachy Gilespie - Simon Price - Emma Watkins. Guest Vocalists: Guy Sebastian, Kylie Minogue, Slim Dusty, The Irwin family, Marlee Martin, Katie Noonan, David Hobson, Robert Rakete, Paulini, Christine Anu, Lee Hawkins, Tim Chaisson, Jimmy Barnes, Troy Cassar-Daley, Anuna, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ross Wilson.
Category: Children's songs, Contemporary, Pop
Label: ABC Music 5766876
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“The Wiggles Duet album is far better than their previous productions. It will be enjoyed by many children and be bearable to most of their parents.”

Children's songs Music Recording
There Was a Man Lived in the Moon. Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Songs. Traditional tunes arranged by Andrew Ford.

Artist/s: Jane Sheldon, soprano; Teddy Tahu Rhodes, bass-baritone; various instrumental ensembles
Category: Children's songs, Classical, New Music
Label: ABC Classics 481 2235
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Everyone knows that ‘most men’ spend ‘most of their time singing’ as Andrew Ford did when Elsie, now five, was born. What could be more natural than for a new father to sing to his baby the songs that his…