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Classical Music Recording
Beethoven Piano Concertos 1 & 3, Chamber Versions

Artist/s: Australian Haydn Ensemble. Neal Peres Da Costa (soloist/fortepiano), Skye McIntosh (Artistic Director and violin), Matthew Greco (violin), Gabrielle Kancachian, James Eccles (violas), Daniel Yeadon (cello), Jacqueline Dossor (double bass), Melissa Farrow (flute)
Category: Classical, Cultural Policy
Label: ABC 481 6588. CD or online
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“A fine Australian ensemble takes a fresh look at two Beethoven concertos.”

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Creating Cities

The story of Australia’s most famous urban ‘intervention’ that provides a different model and scale of state-cultural industry relationships. The literature on the ‘creative’ or ‘cultural’ city is now substantial, driven by scholarly interest in how artistic creativity becomes embedded…

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It’s Culture, Stupid: Reflections of an Arts Bureaucrat

 Leigh Tabrett has made a thoughtful contribution to Platform Papers quarterly essay series. Tabrett’s It’s Culture, Stupid: Reflections of an Arts Bureaucrat identifies some serious funding and policy issues that challenge the Australian arts sector. Tabrett was at the helm…

Cultural Policy Book
Sustainable Futures for Music Cultures: An Ecological Perspective

Author: Huib Schippers and Catherine Grant
Category: Cultural Policy, Ethnomusicology, Music Business
New York: Oxford University Press, 2016, 392 pages.
978-019-025-9082 (pbk)
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“The project explores the notion of musical sustainability through nine different, international case studies of musical ecosystems.The study is very timely and necessary. Tools for recording and evidencing sustainable practices have an important role to play in assessing the vitality of traditions, whilst identifying areas where support is needed.”

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The Arts and the Common Good

Platform Papers are scholarly quarterly essays produced by Currency House Inc., a Sydney-based non-profit organisation, formed in 2001, which seeks to raise the level of public discourse about issues facing the arts today (see www. In this, Paper Number…

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The Creative Industries: Culture and Policy

Since the late 1990s, ‘the creative industries’ has been the primary conceptual engine in thinking and policy about arts and culture in western societies. This book provides a thorough account of the term’s development, from the original blueprint of the…

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The Music of Place: Reclaiming a practice

This book is part of the Currency House’s Platform Papers, an ‘informed quarterly essay series seeking new directions’ in performance and media arts and associated arts industry practices. Jon Rose (b. 1951) is a composer, sound artist, improviser, violinist and…

Community Music Book
The Oxford Handbook of Community Music

Author: Edited by Brydie-Leigh Bartleet and Lee Higgins
Category: Community Music, Cultural Policy, Music Education
New York: Oxford University Press, 2018, 768pp.
ISBN 9780190219505 (cloth, alk. paper)
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“Community music is thriving globally, both practically and, increasingly, as an area of scholarship. This wonderful reference brings together many of those at the forefront of both with insight and enlightenment.” 

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The Time Is Ripe for the Great Australian Musical

John Senczuk has spent 30 years in music theatre, dance and drama as a designer, director, writer for and about theatre, academic, manager. His special passion for music theatre has led him to make a magnificent proposal, outlined in this…

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When the Goal Posts Move

Ben Eltham’s new essay is a timely overview of how arts funding has changed in recent years, and offers some stimulating thoughts on how the profession might justify itself in the face of economic rationalism.

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