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Creating Cities

Marcus Westbury
Books, Cultural Policy
Melbourne: Niche Press, 2015. 192 pp. Paperback
ISBN: 9780992568740
Reviewed by , March 3rd, 2016

The story of Australia’s most famous urban ‘intervention’ that provides a different model and scale of state-cultural industry relationships. The literature on the ‘creative’ or ‘cultural’ city is now substantial, driven by scholarly interest in how artistic creativity becomes embedded (or not) within cityscapes; and city administrators looking to cultural practices for urban regeneration, competitive… continue reading »

The Creative Industries: Culture and Policy

Terry Flew
Books, Cultural Policy
London and Thousand Oaks: Sage University Press, 2012. 232 pp.
ISBN 978-1-84787-575-4
Reviewed by , April 1st, 2014

Since the late 1990s, ‘the creative industries’ has been the primary conceptual engine in thinking and policy about arts and culture in western societies. This book provides a thorough account of the term’s development, from the original blueprint of the UK Blair government, to its many national and regional variations. As both policy practitioner and… continue reading »

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Shane Homan is Associate Professor and head of communications and media studies at Monash University. He is a music/cultural policy researcher who recently completed a report on the Australian music recording sector for the Australia Council.

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