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Improvisations and Comprovisations

Improvisations and Comprovisations

Post by , March 2nd, 2014

Comprovisation (combining composition and improvisation) is an increasingly prominent feature of contemporary music, with exponents drawn from a range of backgrounds, including art music, jazz, and other commercial and contemporary music domains. Indeed, the act of comprovisation can offer a panacea for the strictures and structures of more formal musical pursuits, making it attractive to… continue reading »

About Dan Bendrups

Dan Bendrups is Deputy Director (Research) of the Queensland Conservatorium, where he specialises in research training in ethnography, ethnomusicology and performance-based research. As a trombonist, he has performed in jazz, art music and commercial music in Australia, New Zealand, South America and Oceania. He has spent over a decade in research into performance practices in Latin America and Polynesia, particularly the music of Rapanui (Easter Island).

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