A Rain from the Shadows

Zephyr Quartet
Classical, New Music
Reviewed by , April 1st, 2015

Zephyr Quartet has established an enviable reputation in Adelaide for its adventures into territories way beyond the normal boundaries of its genre. Their enterprise has been rewarded by several awards, notably the Ruby Award in 2006.

They have a penchant for bonding with other art forms. At a recent concert in the studio of Hossein Valamanesh we were surrounded by art works, many inspired by bits and pieces from the woods and fields transformed into works of art. To complement them, music that belonged. Very satisfying.

Zephyr Quartet members

Zephyr Quartet members

A Rain from the Shadows looks to poetry for inspiration. The pieces, composed by cellist Hilary Kleinig, violinists Belinda Gehlert and Emily Tulloch, either reflect on the chosen poems or are the source of their creation.

Belinda Gehlert’s Dirt moved Mike Ladd to respond in his own words with the same title; Gehlert wrote Dunes after Rob Walker’s poem. Whatever Emily Tulloch had in mind when she composed Skyroads, Finnegan Kruckemeyer found Because My Dreams in it. Tulloch’s barely there Air sent Nicki Bloom fishing in Draggers.

No attribution of text or poet for Kleinig’s unusually serious and formal From Darkness.

The skills and enterprise of the Zephyr members are to be highly praised. The scores they have penned are well crafted, show solid academic training and are easy to listen to. The disc is worth adding to any collection, and not just for its curiosity value.

Listeners are advised to list the pieces in order on a separate memo as I did. Makes the connections easier to follow.

Prepare to give A Rain from the Shadows your full attention.

VIEW AND LISTEN: https://www.youtube.com/user/zephyrquartet

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