Voice of Baceprot’s Anthems of Anxiety


Written by: Mandy Stefanakis

Sri Dean is a producer of the Radio Indonesian program on SBS. Her coverage of issues relating to all facets of Indonesian life and the connections with Australian perceptions is rigorous, inclusive of all aspects of society and interrogative in its depth of coverage.

Recently she produced a program about a group of teenage girls in Indonesia, all Muslims, who have formed a metal band, Voice of Baceprot (VoB), which roughly translates as ‘rowdy’.

The band developed as a result of the anxiousness and bullying they had suffered as adolescents, often from their rebellious expression of ideas, something some teachers found difficult to deal with. One teacher felt that music might be a positive outlet for the girls.

Voice of Baceprot

The group has won awards for its music, but there has been resistance from some quarters. Through metal, renowned for its exploration of political and social issues, the group addresses what it perceives to be ‘moral crises’ and ethical issues. One such song is ‘The Enemy of the Earth Is You’, which, as Dean describes it is ‘a slamming indictment of narcissism and hypocrisy’.

Her report on the group has been provided in English on the SBS website and can be viewed at the link below. There are samples of the group’s music included.




  1. Elisabeth Hames-Brooks on

    Congratulations to Mandy Stefanakis on an insightful piece relating to the significant contribution Sri Dean makes to Australian-Indonesian relations.

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