The Growing Edge
Walshie’s Backyard

Written by: Henry Vyhnal

“The MONA Festival of Music and Art (MOFO) is like a reality TV show where you must love Art to survive. Tests abound but there are no contests.”

David Pledger’s cultural revolution

Written by: Richard Letts

David Pledger promotes a concept of cultural revolution. The obstacles, he wrote in the Daily Review, are the major performing arts companies and the Australia Council. Richard Letts opposes, agrees and contends.

NSW arts support agency redesigned

“Create NSW (a newly amalgamated agency incorporating Arts NSW and Screen NSW from 1 April 2017) is now the NSW Government’s agency for arts, screen and culture in NSW.”

The Climate Songs Project

Written by: Richard Letts

“The Music Trust announces an important new project to place music at the service of climate action.”

‘Blondie’ and Beyond

Written by: Mandy Stefanakis

Music is so rewarding for so many over the whole spectrum of life, whether we choose to make it individually or collaboratively. Even when alone with music, we’re always connected to others in some way.

Catalyst carks it

Written by: Commonwealth Department for the Arts and Loudmouth

80% of funds snatched from the Australia Council by George Brandis will now be returned. But a fair whack are already spoken for.

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