The Growing Edge
BMus + CaLD – memories and reflections

Written by: Kiri Koubaroulis

“Exotic” and not from Killarney Heights. That old tape ran on loop in my mind again: Is my voice/my perspective valuable? Am I the right ‘fit’ for this?

The arts brand

Written by: Barry Hessenius

What is the Arts Brand – not that of any individual arts organization – but of the whole of the arts?

Beyond streaming: law, tech and entertainment

Written by: Rendle Adam and Anne-Marie Pecoraro

Lawyer Rendle Adam and Anne-Marie Pecoraro have written the annual book of the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers, looking at the future of technology in the entertainment industries and the legal implications.

A Pro Bono Opportunity

Written by: Henry Vyhnal

“Is my fundraiser more important than your income? Henry Vyhnal treads his way through the minefield that touts itself as ‘A Pro Bono Opportunity’.”

One down one up: the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues

Written by: Andy Sugg

Festivals matter. They celebrate the assertion of a public communal spirit over the private; the triumph of the real over the virtual. In defiance of tendencies that strongly divide us — political values, religious beliefs — festivals bring us together. The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues has been a luminous example of this kind of success for over 25 years.


Loudmouth’s INSIDE THE MUSICIAN series has proved very popular. 24 music people have now made contributions. Every one of them is unique in their art, their person and their circumstances. Here is the searchable list of contributors.

The Commonwealth budget and the arts

Written by: Richard Letts

The budget found nearly $100m extra money for the big collecting institutions. Given that these funds were available, some could have been used to heal the wounds inflicted by this government in recent years on small arts organisations and independent artists.

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