Music Education
Time capsule

Written by: Henry Vyhnal

Were some things that much better in the old days? You might be surprised at how much better they were. Educational theory and practice at Huntingdale Technical School during the 1970s and 80s make current thinking look Neanderthal.

Innovation and creativity: workforce for the new economy

Written by: Australian Major Performing Arts Group (AMPAG)

The Australian Government’s Innovation agenda should move from a STEM approach to STEAM (A for Arts) recognising that siloing of arts and creativity limits the crossover of artists’ skill sets and innovative approaches across academic learning and into traditional employment sectors and industries.

Eye-opening music education in Finland

Only 9% of teacher education applicants to Helsinki University were admitted in 2014. The school day finishes between 1 and 2pm. Music education is mandatory up to grade 7 and taught in regular schools for two to four hours per week. Up to grade 6 it is taught by generalist classroom teachers with a music education that is hardly even a dream in Australia.

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