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Adventure Beyond

Artist/s: Starflight
Category: Contemporary, Pop
Label: Self-release, distributed by Mondo
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This is an album of pure pop music joy. From its highly produced opening track – the uncharacteristic single Phasers on Stun, though to the album closer, Starship Take Me Home, the overwhelming emotion is the joy of making music.…

Choral Music

Artist/s: Gian Slater and Invenio: Gian Slater (composer and director), Miriam Crellin, Georgie Darvidis, Gemma Tully, Bronwyn Hicks, Natalie Carolan, Lisa Salvo, Loni Thompson, Audur Zoega, Louisa Rankin, Jeremy Hopkins, Jem Savage, Tilman Robinson, Ed Fairlie, Sam Young, Ben Harrison, and Ben Taylor.
Category: Choral Music, Jazz, Pop
Label: Invenio Music (inv001)
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“Gian Slater and Invenio’s second album is a lighter, more lyrically-focused collection of eight compositions.”

Real Feel

Artist/s: The Holidays
Category: Contemporary, Pop, Techno
Label: Liberation LMCD 0237
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After four years The Holidays, a Sydney-based indie-pop band, have released their second album, Real Feel. How does one describe the sound? It’s rich, harmonically warm, techno-infused, ethereal pop. But such a description does little justice to an album which…

Taking Pictures

Artist/s: Jo Lawry, singer/songwriter, vocals, guitar. One track a duet with Sting
Category: Contemporary, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Rock
Label: Fleurieu Music
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Jo Lawry is a singer/songwriter from South Australia currently living in New York. She is best known as a backing singer with Sting and has been touring the world in his band. She was also featured in the documentary about…

Children's songs
The Wiggles Duets

Artist/s: The Wiggles: Anthony Field - Lachy Gilespie - Simon Price - Emma Watkins. Guest Vocalists: Guy Sebastian, Kylie Minogue, Slim Dusty, The Irwin family, Marlee Martin, Katie Noonan, David Hobson, Robert Rakete, Paulini, Christine Anu, Lee Hawkins, Tim Chaisson, Jimmy Barnes, Troy Cassar-Daley, Anuna, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ross Wilson.
Category: Children's songs, Contemporary, Pop
Label: ABC Music 5766876
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“The Wiggles Duet album is far better than their previous productions. It will be enjoyed by many children and be bearable to most of their parents.”