Author Peter Winkler

Peter Winkler is a composer, record producer and a leading practitioner in community and world music. He was the Music Director of the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Paralympic games and is the Music Director of REM Theatre and the LATT Theatre in Seoul, South Korea.

Children's songs
The Wiggles Duets

Artist/s: The Wiggles: Anthony Field - Lachy Gilespie - Simon Price - Emma Watkins. Guest Vocalists: Guy Sebastian, Kylie Minogue, Slim Dusty, The Irwin family, Marlee Martin, Katie Noonan, David Hobson, Robert Rakete, Paulini, Christine Anu, Lee Hawkins, Tim Chaisson, Jimmy Barnes, Troy Cassar-Daley, Anuna, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ross Wilson.
Category: Children's songs, Contemporary, Pop
Label: ABC Music 5766876
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“The Wiggles Duet album is far better than their previous productions. It will be enjoyed by many children and be bearable to most of their parents.”

Brasil Project by Paul Chenard

Artist/s: Artists Sydney: Paul Chenard (saxophones/producer), Tina Harris (bass), Brendan St Ledger (keyboards), Glen Wilson (drums), Marty Farrugia (trumpet/flugelhorn), Ray Cassar (trumpet), Mike Raper (trombone), Mauricio Moriera (drums), Jess Ciampa (percussion), Blair Greenberg (percussion). Artists Rio de Janeiro: Roge (vocals/guitar), Daniel Conceicao (drums), Andre Siqueiros )percussion), Matheus Alcantara (bass), Tuca Maia (vocals), Ronaldo Silva (percussion), Leonardo Viera (guitar), Marlon Seite (trombone)
Category: Brazil, Jazz, Music, World
Label: Self-release
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“The finest musicians of Sydney and Rio de Janeiro were assembled to participate in the creative development and recording of this exciting project.”

Samoreau by Daniel Weltlinger

Artist/s: Daniel Weltlinger (violin), Lulo Reinhardt (guitar), Christiano Gitano (guitar), Taylor Pauken (guitar), Jermaine Reinhardt (guitar), Romano Reinhardt (guitar), Harald Becher (bass), Winfried Schuld (accordion)
Category: Gypsy, Jazz, Music, World
Label: DMG (Germany), Rectify Records (Australia)
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“It is no surprise that Daniel Weltlinger’s highly developed musicianship and beautifully warm violin tone are now in demand in international projects at the highest level.”

Safe Haven

Artist/s: Masha’s Legacy. (MD/composer/arranger/saxophones, clarinet, Arabic nay), Christopher Soulos (electric bass), Elsen Price (contrabass), Mahammd Lelo (q’noon), Adem Yilmaz (daf/darabukka/cajon/congas/percussion), Nick Southcott (piano, keyboards), Adnaan Baraké (oud), James Tawadros (req’, bendir, cajon), Miriam Waks (vocal), Ghada Daher-Elmowy (vocal).
Category: Fusion, Jazz, Middle Eastern, World
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“Masha’s Legacy, a Sydney based multicultural music ensemble has created one of the best cross-cultural albums I’ve heard in a long time.”

Working Class Boy. Jimmy Barnes

Author: Jimmy Barnes
Category: Biography
Sydney: Harper Collins Publishers Australia P/L, 2016. 362pp.
ISBN 9781460752135 (hbk)
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“Given the relentless violence and almost unbelievable amount of alcohol, hallucinogens and speed he consumed for so many years, it is nothing short of a marvel that Jimmy Barnes’ recollections are so clear, stark and even humorous.”

Twisted Roots

Artist/s: Andrew Browne and an ensemble: John Stuart (electric guitars, lapsteel and pedal steel guitar), Cameron Kinsey (nylon string guitar), Veronique Serret (violin), Anna Martin-Scrase (cello), Brett Hirst (double bass), Rob Maxwell-Jones (alto and bass flute), Arne Hanna (Cuban trez and backing vocals), Tina Harrod (backing vocals), Finbar Stuart (piano), Jess Ciampa (percussion/drums/vibes)
Category: Acoustic, Contemporary, Folk, Jazz, Music
Label: Self-release AWB123
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“Singer songwriter Andrew Browne and an illustrious group of Australian musicians have created a beautiful CD of original songs in Browne’s second album Twisted Roots.”

Trio. The Slide Project

Artist/s: The Slide Project. Sam Evans (tabla), Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Pandit Debasis Chakroborty (Indian slide guitar)
Category: Indian, Jazz, Music, World
Label: Self-release
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“The way these three players improvise such changes in atmosphere, tempo and emotion, coming to a poignant ending together, is marvellous.”

On Love and Science. CD and illustrated hardback book

Artist/s: Zulya and the Children of the Underground. Musicians: Zulya Kamalova, vocals, writer, composer, leader; Lucas Michailidis, guitars; Aviva Endean, clarinets, tenor sax; Anthony Schulz, piano accordion, piano; Justin Marshall, drums, percussion; Andrew Tanner, double bass, jew’s harp. Accompanies illustrated book, hard back by Zulya Kamalova, illustrations by Dilka Bear
Category: Folk, Fusion, Jazz, World
Label: Self- release, self-published, limited edition. Purchase from website
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This multimedia release is Zulya’s finest and most ambitious work to date. It demands attention and accolades. Zulya Kamalova, the Tatar/Australian world music trailblazer never ceases to surprise. Her previous release was a sci-fi computer music extravaganza. This one, back…

On Love and Science. Illustrated story with accompanying CD

Author: Book by Zulya Kamalova, illustrations by Dilka Bear. With accompanying CD. Musicians: Children of the Underground: Zulya Kamalova, vocals, writer, composer, leader; Lucas Michailidis, guitars; Aviva Endean, clarinets, tenor sax; Anthony Schulz, piano accordion, piano; Justin Marshall, drums, percussion; Andrew Tanner, double bass, jew’s harp.
Category: Books, Fiction
Self-published hardback. Purchase via website.
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This multimedia release is Zulya’s finest and most ambitious work to date. It demands attention and accolades. This is a highly produced illustrated story for adults in a hardback book, accompanying a CD. For the review, please go to Music…

The Art Of The Didgeridoo

Artist/s: William Barton, Matthew Doyle, various ensembles
Category: Classical, Indigenous Australian, New Music
Label: ABC Classics 481 1909
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Some people are still surprised that the didgeridoo is much more than a drone instrument played by Australian Aboriginal musicians for corroborees and ritual ceremonies. Others may be used to seeing the didgeridoo playing in rock bands like Yothu Yindi,…

Rasa Duende. Improvisations

In the mid-sixties musicians from India, Pakistan and the West began exploring each other’s musical traditions, looking for common ground, playing concerts together and eventually recording together. The trailblazers were Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar. These two giants of their…

Electronic Music
Starship Z Kosmostan

Artist/s: Zulya Kamalova
Category: Electronic Music, Russian, World
Label: Yammy Music YMCD 2015-001, available on iTunes and Bandcamp
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OK… take a look at the genre classification (electronic Tatar music with sci-fi themes) and tell me this album doesn’t intrigue you. The Republic of Tatarstan is a region of Russia about 800 kilometres east of Moscow. It lies between…

Spring Sea Music of Dreams – Music for Shakuhachi and Harp

Artist/s: Riley Lee, shakuhachi, Marshall McGuire, harp
Category: Classical, Japanese, New Music, World
Label: ABC Classics 476 4870
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Riley Lee and Marshall McGuire are masters of their instruments: Riley of the Japanese bamboo flute known as the shakuhachi and Marshall of the classical concert harp. At first glance a collaboration between these two instruments from vastly different musical…

Visible Six and The Best of Visible

Bold statement: The only way folk or popular music has ever progressed or developed is through the impact of multicultural influences. Consider one of the primary and most far reaching examples: the impact of the slave trade that brought Africans…

Winanjjara – The Song Peoples’ Sessions

Artist/s: Warren H Williams and the Warumungu Songmen. Sung in Aboriginal languages
Category: Contemporary, Indigenous Australian
Label: 2 CDs. ABC Music 279 6239
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Winanjjara means song man in the Northern Territory language of Warumungu. This double CD by Warren H Williams and the Waramungu Songmen is a major project that is part of an important Federal Government initiative known as The Song Peoples’…

Concerto of the Greater Sea

Artist/s: Joseph Tawadros, oud, Australian Chamber Orchestra
Category: Classical, Middle Eastern, New Music
Label: ABC Classics 476 4745
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Joseph Tawadros is Australia’s leading exponent of the oud. For readers unfamiliar with this beautiful instrument it is a pear-shaped lute used traditionally in North African and Middle Eastern music. The oud and lute are descended from a common ancestor…

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