Author Michael Hannan

Michael Hannan is a composer, performer and music researcher. He is the author of Peter Sculthorpe: His Music and Ideas (UQ Press, 1982), The Australian Guide to Careers in Music (MCA/UNSW Press, 2003) and The Music of Richard Meale (Wildbird, 2014). Hannan is an Adjunct Professor of Music at Southern Cross University.

Here and Now: Artistic Research in Music: An Australian Perspective

Author: Edited by Vanessa Tomlinson and Toby Wren
Category: Musicology
Intelligent Arts, Albany (NY), 2016. Available from Amazon, iTunes
ISBN 9780988889699 (e-book)
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“Here and Now provides a snapshot of the impressive research-informed creative and performance work being carried out at the Queensland Conservatorium by staff, research affiliates and graduate students.”


Artist/s: Andrée Greenwell (composer/voice/ukelele), with Julia County (soprano), Ewan Foster, Stephanie Zarka, Heather Lloyd (violins), Luke Spicer & Monique Irik (viola), Geoffrey Gartner (cello), David Trumpmanis (bass guitar/guitar/bass drum/electronics)
Category: Contemporary, Eclectic, Electronic Music, New Music
Label: Self-release
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“Andrée Greenwell’s concept CD, Gothic, demonstrates her musical and theatrical versatility across a range of genres and is unified by her selection of gothic poems.”

Claire Edwardes: Kammerbox

Artist/s: MUSIC by Amanda Cole, Ross Edwards, Katy Abbott Kvasnica, John Psathas, Maria Grenfell, Andrew Ford, Elena Kats-Chernin, Peter Sculthorpe, Richard Charlton, Tim Dargaville, Stuart Greenbaum. PERFORMANCES by Claire Edwardes (percussion) with Karin Schaupp (guitar), Julian Smiles (cello), Jason Noble (clarinet, bass clarinet), Bernadette Harvey (piano), Christina Leonard (alto saxophone/soprano saxophone), Anna McMichael (violin)
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: ABC Music, digital release
Digital album. Stream or download here:
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“For Kammerbox, Claire Edwardes collects chamber works, mostly duos, by Australian composers for performances by herself and other high profile instrumentalists. There is an excellent standard of musicianship demonstrated by all the players and the works presented are compositionally outstanding for the most part.”

Electronic Music
Sunrise: The Acousmatic Music of Ian Fredericks

Artist/s: Ian Fredericks
Category: Electronic Music, Experimental Music
Label: Sidereal Records SRCD02.1 & SRCD02.2. To purchase this CD e-mail Ian Shanahan
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“This remarkable retrospective double CD of highly inventive acousmatic music by Ian Fredericks (1943-2001) has been painstakingly curated by Ian Shanahan, one of Fredericks’ close associates.”

Celtic Cello

Artist/s: Sally Maer (cello) with special guests Teddy Tahu Rhodes (bass-baritone) and David Hobson (tenor)
Category: Arrangements, Classical, Folk
Label: ABC Classics 481 2628
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“Celtic Cello consists of twenty classical music arrangements of traditional and popular Celtic songs as well as some film music themes. It is designed to showcase the versatility of cello soloist, Sally Maer.”

Michael Bertram. Fantaisie-Sonata

Artist/s: Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: Move Records MD 3407
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“Michael Keiran Harvey’s excellent track record in championing the piano music of Australian composers is evidenced again in this compelling interpretation of Michael Bertram’s impressive major piano work, Fantaisie-Sonata.”

Andrew Schultz Piano Music

Artist/s: Antony Gray (piano)
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: Wirripang Wirr 078 (2016)
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“Andrew Schultz’s impressive piano music collection is deeply rooted in the unique resonant qualities of the instrument. His long-time collaborator, Antony Gray, interprets the works with both sensitivity and panache.”

Between Worlds: Music for Saxophone and Strings. Works by Chick Corea, Nick Russoniello, Elena Kats-Chernin, Jeremy Rose and Barry Cockcroft

Artist/s: Nick Russoniello (saxophones) and the Acacia Quartet
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: Independent release. Available through iTunes and CD Baby
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“Between Worlds features the unusual combination of saxophone and string quartet performing very engaging works by four Australian composers and the American jazz legend, Chick Corea.”

Dancing with Somebody. Music by Joe Twist

Artist/s: Acacia Quartet, Sally Whitwell (piano), with Louise Prickett (soprano)
Category: Classical, Film Music, Jazz, New Music
Label: Self-release CD (3 tracks), available as download or hardcopy from CD Baby
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Composer Joe Twist’s Dancing with Somebody shows his penchant for engaging in an entertaining way with popular cultural forms and contains admirable performances by the Acacia Quartet and pianist Sally Whitwell.

Australian Voices: Mondrian Interiors. Works by Stuart Greenbaum

Artist/s: ANAM musicians featuring Jessica Fotinos (harp)
Category: Classical, New Music
ANAM 1501 (2015)
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This recording project is a spinoff of the “Australian Voices” series of concerts, a collaboration between the Melbourne Recital Centre and the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM). The CD consists of three works by Melbourne-based composer Stuart Greenbaum performed…

Flute Perspectives: Australian Contemporary Flute. Works by Peter Sculthorpe, Barry Conyngham, Brian Brown, Derek Jones, Anne Boyd, Mark Pollard and Phyllis Batchelor.

Artist/s: Derek Jones, flute; Leigh Harrold, piano
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: Move Records MD 3406
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“On this recording, flautist Derek Jones and pianist Leigh Harrold give excellent interpretations of seven Australian works composed between 1972 and 2008.” Constructed around a melody from the Torres Strait island of Saibai, Peter Sculthorpe’s Songs of Sea and Sky…

126 Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Composed by Julian Yu

Artist/s: Michael Kieran Harvey, piano
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: Move Records MD 3404 [Double CD]
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“Julian Yu’s 126 Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for piano is a tour de force of compositional craft, brilliantly interpreted by pianist Michael Kieran Harvey.” Julian Yu has already had significant success with his variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little…

Flute Vox. Works by Takemitsu, Yu, Varèse, Smetanin, Tiutiunnik, Zadro, Vali, B. Dean, Cowie, Page, Kats-Chernin and Glynn

Artist/s: Laura Chislett, Flute; Stephanie McCallum, piano; Thomas Jones, violin
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: Independent release. Double CD (available through Australian Music Centre and Amazon UK)
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Flute Vox, an outstanding double CD release by flautist Laura Chislett, celebrates a longstanding collaboration with pianist Stephanie McCallum in the interpretation of new Australian flute repertoire. Most of the titles are by Australian composers writing in the 21st century,…

Film Music
Babe: orchestral soundtrack. Composed by Nigel Westlake

Artist/s: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra conducted by Nigel Westlake
Category: Film Music
Label: ABC Classics 481 1819
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The orchestral score composed by Nigel Westlake for the highly acclaimed Australian feature film, Babe (Chris Noonan, 1995), is a delight. It is full of attractive melodies supported by scintillating orchestrations. When Westlake scored Babe, he had only a few…

Keith Humble, Music and Me – Memories of a Shared Life

Author: Jill Humble
Category: Biography, Books
Healesville, Victoria: Fernmill Books, 2015 (121 pages). Available by emailing John Whiteoak, or writing to Fernmill Books PO Box 395, Healesville 3777
ISBN 978-0-646-93884-4
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I had the honour in 1971 of organising and promoting the premiere performance of Keith Humble’s Nunique VI in the Great Hall of The University of Sydney. I spent three days prior to the performance working with Keith and his…

Island Songs. Works by Peter Scuthorpe, Brett Dean and Ross Edwards

Artist/s: Amy Dickson, soprano and alto saxophones, Sydney Symphony cond. Ben Northey and Miguel Harth Bedoya
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: ABC Classics 481 1703
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A few decades ago it would have been unimaginable for Peter Sculthorpe to have written a piece featuring the saxophone. What changed was the appearance of a brilliant exponent of the instrument, Amy Dickson. Ross Edwards also has been inspired…

Resonances: Music for Harp: The Marshall McGuire Collection

Artist/s: Marshall McGuire, harp
Category: Classical, Early Music, New Music
Label: ABC Classics 481 1482. 2 CDs
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Marshall Maguire is one of our national treasures in the field of music performance, particularly in new classical music where he has contributed brilliantly to many modernist and experimental scores. This double CD release (mainly) of solo harp music represents…

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