A Knees-Up, Exposés, Some Unkind Words


Handa Opera on the Harbour is Opera Australia’s annual autumn production staged on a barge offshore in the Sydney Botanic Gardens. That is to say, outdoors.

Autumn in Sydney usually brings calm, fine, predictable weather. This year continued the tradition except for the ‘calm, fine, predictable’ part.

The night Jig’s attended, it rained for all but about 20 minutes. For Carmen. ‘The rain in Spain…’ please explain.

The chorus wore ponchos.

But the lead singers sang in their stage costumes, unprotected. No kidding. For hours.


You know that franchise called Pie Face. Main business: meat pies. It’s been in financial trouble. In fact, the Pie Face out Jig’s way closed.

Pie Face has been bought by United Petroleum.



Gravy power! ½-cup per 100kms. Even less with the Tabasco additive.


The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum has converted to solar power.


Oud-master Joe Tawadros’s first oud concerto will have its premiere on the 4th May with the Melbourne Symphony. Claire Deak wrote him: May the 4th be with you.


The New York Times announces an article on French politics. Under the announcement: ‘• Lire en français (Read in French).’ Who is the English translation meant to help? The people unable Lire en français?


Leer en français: flutter the eyelids.


The massive US chain store Walmart has announced its plan to remove one billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions from its supply chain by 2030. It says that this is more than the annual emissions of Germany, which is a measure of Walmart’s virtue but probably also Germany’s. It’s the equivalent of taking 211 million cars off the road every year.


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