The Growing Edge
A Pro Bono Opportunity

Written by: Henry Vyhnal

“Is my fundraiser more important than your income? Henry Vyhnal treads his way through the minefield that touts itself as ‘A Pro Bono Opportunity’.”

One down one up: the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues

Written by: Andy Sugg

Festivals matter. They celebrate the assertion of a public communal spirit over the private; the triumph of the real over the virtual. In defiance of tendencies that strongly divide us — political values, religious beliefs — festivals bring us together. The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues has been a luminous example of this kind of success for over 25 years.


Loudmouth’s INSIDE THE MUSICIAN series has proved very popular. 24 music people have now made contributions. Every one of them is unique in their art, their person and their circumstances. Here is the searchable list of contributors.

The Commonwealth budget and the arts

Written by: Richard Letts

The budget found nearly $100m extra money for the big collecting institutions. Given that these funds were available, some could have been used to heal the wounds inflicted by this government in recent years on small arts organisations and independent artists.

The ‘Portrait of Bob Brown’ project

Written by: Interviews by Mandy Stefanakis

I found the story behind the recently released CD Portrait of Bob Brown so fascinating that I interviewed the three participants in this project: the originator, Arjun von Caemmerer, composer and pianist Michael Kieran Harvey, and violinist and improviser Emily Sheppard.

Wrong way – go back!

Written by: Mandy Stefanakis

After they have gone, many musicians will be remembered and lauded for their extraordinary contributions to humanity, despite, in their lifetimes, battling poverty, political aggravation, racism, genderism, societal indifference and personal demons.

10 ways to save live music in your city

Written by: Patrick Donovan

The secrets behind Melbourne’s success as one of the great live music cities in the world have been revealed with the release of a 10 point plan by Music Victoria.

Music Education
The Migaloo Project

Written by: Mandy Stefanakis

Students compose music to call up the rare white whale, Migaloo who inhabits the area around the Whitsundays and each year migrates to Antarctica and back.

Latest Music & Book Reviews
Brasil Project by Paul Chenard

Artist/s: Artists Sydney: Paul Chenard (saxophones/producer), Tina Harris (bass), Brendan St Ledger (keyboards), Glen Wilson (drums), Marty Farrugia (trumpet/flugelhorn), Ray Cassar (trumpet), Mike Raper (trombone), Mauricio Moriera (drums), Jess Ciampa (percussion), Blair Greenberg (percussion). Artists Rio de Janeiro: Roge (vocals/guitar), Daniel Conceicao (drums), Andre Siqueiros )percussion), Matheus Alcantara (bass), Tuca Maia (vocals), Ronaldo Silva (percussion), Leonardo Viera (guitar), Marlon Seite (trombone)
Category: Brazil, Jazz, Music, World
Label: Self-release
Reviewed by

“The finest musicians of Sydney and Rio de Janeiro were assembled to participate in the creative development and recording of this exciting project.”

Çanakkale – Gallipoli Songs

Artist/s: Ayşe Göknur Shanal (soprano), Patrick Keith, Erberk Eryilmaz, Ross Fiddes (piano)
Category: Art Songs, Classical, Music, New Music
Label: Wirripang Wirr 707
Reviewed by

“The wonderful Turkish-Australian soprano Ayşe Göknur Shanal performs new song cycles by contemporary Australasian composers, and the sheer beauty and dramatic power of her voice left me profoundly moved.”


Artist/s: Andrée Greenwell (composer/voice/ukelele), with Julia County (soprano), Ewan Foster, Stephanie Zarka, Heather Lloyd (violins), Luke Spicer & Monique Irik (viola), Geoffrey Gartner (cello), David Trumpmanis (bass guitar/guitar/bass drum/electronics)
Category: Contemporary, Eclectic, Electronic Music, New Music
Label: Self-release
Reviewed by

“Andrée Greenwell’s concept CD, Gothic, demonstrates her musical and theatrical versatility across a range of genres and is unified by her selection of gothic poems.”

In Good Company. Don Burrows | James Morrison. Two discs.

Artist/s: THE EARLY YEARS. Don Burrows (clarinet), James Morrison( trumpet), George Golla (guitar), Craig Scott (double bass), Tony Ansell (piano), Allan Turnbull (drums). Recorded at Rothbury Estate, Pokolbin, 1983. Then Don Burrows (clarinet), Geoge Golla, (guitar), Craig Scott (guitar), David Jones (drums), Sydney Opera House, 1985. Australian Jazz Orchestra, Brisbane, 1988 and other ensembles. IN GOOD COMPANY. Don Burrows (alto flute/clarinet/alto saxophone), Morrison (trombone/bass trumpet/trumpet), Phil Stack (acoustic bass) and a range of excellent ensembles.
Category: Jazz
Label: 2 CDs. ABC Jazz 476 0729
Reviewed by

Burrows and Morrison: a retrospective on a great jazz partnership

Portrait of Bob Brown

Artist/s: Michael Kieran Harvey (piano), Emily Sheppard (violin/viola)
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: Move Records MD3415
Reviewed by

“Portrait of Bob Brown is the result of a range of serendipitous happenings plus a fervent love of Tasmania and its remarkable environmental heritage.”

The Vampires Meet Lionel Loueke

Artist/s: The Vampires. Jeremy Rose (alto and tenor sax and bass clarinet), Nick Garbett (trumpet), Lionel Loueke (acoustic and electric guitars and vocals), Jonathan Zwartz (bass), Danny Fischer (drums), Alex Masso (drums, cojon, bongos, pandeiro, wood block, cowbells, shakers)
Category: Jazz
Label: Earshift 017
Reviewed by

“This disc is highly recommended, and should start your Vampires collection.”

Wolfgang Steffen

Artist/s: Hans Maile (violin), Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Hans Wallat (conductor), Merlyn Quaife (soprano), Stephen Lalor (mandolin), Geoffrey Gartner (cello), Daniel Herscovitch and Clemens Leske (piano).
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: Biodiversity AUAPK 1600001
Reviewed by

A rare opportunity to re-introduce an accomplished composer, Wolfgang Steffen,showcasing a selection of his orchestral, vocal and chamber music, performed by Australian and German musicians.