The Growing Edge
Walshie’s Backyard

Written by: Henry Vyhnal

“The MONA Festival of Music and Art (MOFO) is like a reality TV show where you must love Art to survive. Tests abound but there are no contests.”

David Pledger’s cultural revolution

Written by: Richard Letts

David Pledger promotes a concept of cultural revolution. The obstacles, he wrote in the Daily Review, are the major performing arts companies and the Australia Council. Richard Letts opposes, agrees and contends.

NSW arts support agency redesigned

“Create NSW (a newly amalgamated agency incorporating Arts NSW and Screen NSW from 1 April 2017) is now the NSW Government’s agency for arts, screen and culture in NSW.”

Music Education
This romanticisation of musical illiteracy is risky

In the UK, Charlotte Gill had an article published on March 27 warning against teaching music theory and notation as too academic. Ten days later, 650 people, including many famous names, had signed a letter explaining their view of Gill’s article and their argument against it.

Latest Music & Book Reviews
Everybody Loves Somebody

Artist/s: Monique di Mattina. Monique di Mattina (vocals and piano), Eamon McNelis (trumpet), Paul Williamson (tenor sax and clarinet), Andrew Hammon (trombone), James Sherlock (guitar), Howard Cairns (bass), Andrew Swann and Marty Brown (drums and percussion)
Category: Jazz
Label: Jazzhead HEAD214
Reviewed by

“This is a CD that contains a mixture of old and new songs with an old-fashioned vibe.”

George Dreyfus . . .Live!

Artist/s: George Dreyfus (bassoon, vocals and percussion), Paul Grabowski (electric piano and ARP synthesizer)
Category: Classical, Eclectic, Film Music, New Music
Label: Move Records MD3300
Reviewed by

“A reissue of an LP from 1972, Live! is an entertaining mix of George Dreyfus’s promiscuous musical practices encompassing composition, song, dance and bassoon acrobatics.”

Mandala 3 – Music by David Lumsdaine and Nicola LeFanu

Artist/s: Gemini. Ian Mitchell (director), Sarah Leonard (soprano), Aleksander Szram (piano)
Category: Classical, New Music
Label: Métier MSV 28565
Reviewed by

“Australian composer David Lumsdaine has waited almost forty years for this, the first commercial recording of his acclaimed work Mandala 3; is he to be another composer whose talent will be appropriately recognised only after his death?”

Roll Back the Stone: 1985 – 2016

Artist/s: Mark Seymour and the Undertow. Mark Seymour (vocals and guitar), Cameron McKenzie (guitars), Peter Maslen (drums), John Favaro (bass), Scott Griffiths (keyboard and guitar)
Category: Contemporary, Rock
Label: Liberation LMCD0310
Reviewed by

“Mark Seymour is, at heart, a storyteller and the wonderful traditions of Australian folk music are effusive, stripped of the aerophonic hardware prevalent in his Hunters and Collectors persona.”

The Songs Back Home: The Mission Songs Project

Artist/s: Jessie Lloyd, Monica Weightman, Leah Flanagan, Karrina Nolan, Jessica Hitchcock, Iain Grandage, Ed Bates, Rob Mahoney. Bonus Tracks by: Archie Roach, Lillian Geia, Lynelda Tippo, Alma Geia
Category: Indigenous Australian
Label: The Aviary Recording Studio, Melbourne, MSP002, 2017 and
Reviewed by

“This album defies categorisation in an exciting and innovative way. It captures and revives older songs created between 1900 – 1999 by Indigenous Australian mission communities.”


Artist/s: CHV. Ashley Cross (guitar), Rob Vincs (tenor saxophone/saxello), Anita Hustas (bass/ percussion/objects)
Category: Improvisation
Label: Self-release
Reviewed by

“Despite attractive moments, the impact of this collection of improvisations from Melbourne-based ensemble CHV is compromised by stylistic disparities that suggest a need for greater aesthetic focus.”